Helping nature, naturally.
Gray Whale Botanicals encompass a wide variety of hand-crafted herbal tinctures, oils, and salves all made by Dr. Lyne Seppala.  70% of our products are wild-crafted directly from nature.  The other 30% of our raw materials are purchased from a few herbal companies who certify their herbs are organically grown, and ecologically harvested.  

Gray Whale Botanicals was founded in 1989.  With the intention of offering high quality herbal medicines to my clients, their reputation began to spread.  Since the beginning, I have adhered to strict protocols with respect for the plants, their environment, and the medicines I create.  My signature is on every bottle.  

I am a traditionally trained, board certified, Doctor of Naturopathy.  I hold board certification as a Naturopathic Midwife.  I am also a Master Herbalist.  The other side of my training has involved apprenticing with Native American medicine people, Herbalists in Appalachia, Direct-Entry Midwives, and conventional medical training.  I draw upon these varied experiences to offer a unique blend of individualized and intuitive knowledge when working with the plants.  I have traveled as far as Russia and Lithuania to share my knowledge of healing and herbs with healthcare professionals.  I have been featured as a keynote speaker at numerous hospitals and medical conferences.  

Gray Whale Botanicals are carried by health food stores, physicians, and other health professionals throughout the United States.  If you are interested in bringing GWB to your area, please contact us directly.  

With blessings of health & happiness,
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